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⚑️7 easy AI-product integrations (to keep up with the times πŸ‘΄πŸ»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§)


An inventory of the very best easy-to-build AI product integrations.

These can provide your venture magical powers, so remember to indicate them assist 🌟

Now let’s head down AI-road πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ

1. CopilotPortal: Embed an Actionable LLM Chatbot Into Your app.

Image description

A context-aware LLM chatbot inside your utility that solutions questions and takes actions.

Get a working chatBot with just a few strains of code, then customise and embed as deeply as that you must.

import "@copilotkit/react-ui/kinds.css";
import { CopilotProvider } from "@copilotkit/react-core";
import { CopilotSidebarUIProvider } from "@copilotkit/react-ui";

export default perform App(): JSX.Ingredient {
  return (
  <CopilotProvider chatApiEndpoint="/api/copilotkit/chat">

        <YourContent />

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2. LinguiJS – Automated & Easy Internationalization

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Easy and highly effective open-source Internationalization library.

Straightforward to combine framework for creating multilingual react purposes.

import { Trans } from "@lingui/macro"

perform App() {
  return (
   <Trans id="msg.docs" /* id is optionally available */>
     Learn the <a href="https://lingui.dev">documentation</a>
     for extra data.
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3. Pezzo.ai – Observability, Value & Immediate Engineering Platform

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Centralized platform for managing your OpenAI calls.

Optimize your prompts & token use. Preserve monitor of your AI use.

Free & straightforward to combine.

const immediate = await pezzo.getPrompt("AnalyzeSentiment");
const response = await openai.chat.completions.create(immediate);
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4. CopilotTextarea – AI-powered Writing in React Apps

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A drop-in alternative for any react <textarea> with the options of Github CopilotX.

Autocompletes, insertions, edits.

Might be fed any context in actual time or by the developer forward of time.

import { CopilotTextarea } from "@copilotkit/react-textarea";
import { CopilotProvider } from "@copilotkit/react-core";

// Present context...

// in your part...
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5. LangChain – Pull collectively AI into chains.

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Straightforward-to-use API and library for including LLMs into apps.

Hyperlink collectively completely different AI parts and fashions.

Simply embed context and semantic information for highly effective integrations.

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6. SwirlSearch – AI powered search.

Image description

LLM-powered search, summaries and output.

Searches a number of content material sources concurrently into built-in output.

Highly effective for tailor-made in-app integrations of assorted information sources.

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7. ReactAgent – experimental LLM agent for producing react parts from person tales

Image description

Experimental instrument that makes use of GPT-4 to show person tales into working React parts.

Feed it native designs to realize a constant output & design language.

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Thanks Everybody!

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