7 Easy Hacks for Developers to become a Productivity Jedi ⚡️

Everybody desires to get loads carried out whereas placing within the least quantity of effort. This text accommodates 7 such tried & examined hacks that can enable you to obtain extra whereas working much less!

1. Do not Memorize Google-able data!🔎

We dwell in a world of considerable data, and most questions will be answered inside 1 minute utilizing Google, so there isn’t a level in making an attempt to memorize the whole lot.

The one issues you have to be studying by coronary heart are the core ideas of programming, with out which you wouldn’t know what you do not know.

Eg: In case you are making an attempt to repeatedly seek for components, understanding a hash record will lead to blazing quick searches that can assist you a large number. How one can really use a hash record varies from language to language, however can simply be seemed up on Google

hash_list = set(our_list)

for search_element in search_list:
    if search_element in hash_list:
        move # deal with factor
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2. Use Time Boxing ⌛

Time Boxing is the strategy of blocking out & allocating time to a selected process. This lets you do deep work. Simply bear in mind to maintain your telephone on silent earlier than you begin working.

8:30 --> 9:00
Emails & Make amends for Slack

9:00 --> 13:00
Engaged on XYZ mission

13:00 --> 14:00
Lunch and break

14:00 --> 15:00
Staff assembly

15:00 --> 16:30
Engaged on XYZ mission
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3. Eat the rattling Frog! 🐸

If it is your job to eat the frog, finest to do it very first thing within the morning. If you must eat two frogs, begin with the bigger one.

Let’s be sincere, no one likes consuming frogs, even metaphorical ones. However getting the laborious duties in your to-do carried out early within the day has an enormous benefit: you commerce the sensation of being somebody who cannot get issues carried out (that slowly eats away your soul), for an acute ache of motion adopted by unbelievable delight later within the day!

4. Use Biology to your Benefit! 📈

The power ranges range all through the day. Take a number of days to doc your power ranges hour by hour and create a schedule suited to your physique.

The outcomes of working together with your physique as an alternative of in opposition to it, will astounding for most individuals & the productiveness will merely undergo the roof!

5. Keep DRY! 🏜️

The DRY (Don’t Repeat Your self) precept is likely one of the core rules of Programming. It advocates saving time by reusing and recycling work you’ve already carried out.

Repetition is by its nature inefficient. The DRY Precept encourages you to create workflows and templates to attenuate them. The true energy of this technique comes from the actual fact, that it’s not restricted solely to coding, however will be utilized to emails, automating your card funds, and rather more!

6. Neglect Multi-Tasking! 🤹

Analysis states round two % of individuals can multitask successfully. How everybody believes that they’re the legendary two percenter is mind-boggling.

Whereas multi-tasking you aren’t really dealing with a number of duties on the similar time, you might be really continually switching between a number of duties, lacking out on deep work, and successfully doing a mediocre job in any respect of them.

7. Make the Chain Longer! 🔗

The “Do not Break The Chain” technique commits you to finish a each day aim for an prolonged interval. Every day that you just full your each day aim, you add an ❌ to a calendar.


The first few days of dedication are often the toughest – however your motivation to make a change pulls you thru.

Because the chain grows longer, not breaking your streak turns into the precedence that pulls you thru the instances once you need to stop, leading to life-changing enhancements!

That is all people! Now you’ve got the instruments in your arsenal to change into a productiveness god!

The world is up in your taking!

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