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Add postgres to docker compose and dokku infrastructure for telegram bot in NestJS

Hyperlinks – supply code of bot – present bot in telegram – dokku-postgres plugin for docker compose – 13 postgres with enabled extensions

Add postgres to dev and prod infrastructure

Organising a database for prod and dev infra is similar, I describe just for dev infra

Replace docker compose file


model: "3"
                - subnet: ""

        exterior: true

        picture: 'endykaufman/postgres-default'
        container_name: 'kaufman-bot-postgres'
            - POSTGRES_DB=postgres
            - ../../.env.native
            - '5432:5432'
            - kaufman-bot-postgres-volume:/var/lib/postgresql/knowledge
            - kaufman-bot-network

        picture: node:16-alpine
        consumer: ${CURRENT_UID}
        container_name: "kaufman-bot-server"
            - PORT=3000
            - "3000:3000"
            - "9229:9229"
        working_dir: "/app"
            - ./../../:/app
            - kaufman-bot-network
        command: "npm run serve"
        tty: true
            - kaufman-bot-postgres

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Replace you env file


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Replace up script


#export UID=$(id -u)
#export GID=$(id -g)
export CURRENT_UID=$(id -u):$(id -g)
docker quantity create --name=kaufman-bot-postgres-volume --label=kaufman-bot-postgres-volume
docker-compose -f ./docker/dev/docker-compose.yml --compatibility up -d
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Add second down script with drop quantity


#export UID=$(id -u)
#export GID=$(id -g)
export CURRENT_UID=$(id -u):$(id -g) 
docker-compose -f ./docker/dev/docker-compose.yml down
docker quantity rm kaufman-bot-postgres-volume --force
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For prod infra, we do the identical factor solely in different folders

For prod infra, we do the same thing only in other folders

Add new scripts to bundle.json


    "docker:dev:clean-down": "export $(xargs < ./.env.native) > /dev/null 2>&1 && ./docker/dev/",
    "docker:dev:clean-restart": "npm run docker:dev:clean-down && npm run docker:dev:up",
    "docker:prod:clean-down": "export $(xargs < ./.env.native) > /dev/null 2>&1 && ./docker/prod/",
    "docker:prod:clean-restart": "npm run docker:prod:clean-down && npm run docker:prod:up"
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Restart dev infra

npm run docker:dev:clean-restart

endy@endy-virtual-machine:~/Initiatives/present/kaufman-bot$ npm run docker:dev:clean-restart

> kaufman-bot@0.0.0 docker:dev:clean-restart
> npm run docker:dev:clean-down && npm run docker:dev:up

> kaufman-bot@0.0.0 docker:dev:clean-down
> export $(xargs < ./.env.native) > /dev/null 2>&1 && ./docker/dev/

Stopping kaufman-bot-server   ... carried out
Stopping kaufman-bot-postgres ... carried out
Eradicating kaufman-bot-server   ... carried out
Eradicating kaufman-bot-postgres ... carried out
Eradicating community dev_kaufman-bot-network

> kaufman-bot@0.0.0 docker:dev:up
> export $(xargs < ./.env.native) > /dev/null 2>&1 && ./docker/dev/

Creating community "dev_kaufman-bot-network" with the default driver
Creating kaufman-bot-postgres ... carried out
Creating kaufman-bot-server   ... carried out
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Restart dev infra

Test database

Connect with container with database

docker exec -it $(docker ps -aqf “title=kaufman-bot-postgres”) sh
Connect to container with database

Swap consumer

su postgres

Run psql mode


Choose database title

SELECT current_database();

endy@endy-virtual-machine:~/Initiatives/present/kaufman-bot$ docker exec -it $(docker ps -aqf "title=kaufman-bot-postgres") sh
# su postgres
postgres@48966265f189:/$ psql
psql (13.3 (Debian 13.3-1.pgdg100+1))
Sort "assist" for assist.

postgres=# SELECT current_database();
(1 row)

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Check database

Add postgres to dukku infrastructure (on server)

Set up dokku-postgres

Now we join by way of ssh to our server on Ubuntu and arrange work with postgres

sudo dokku plugin:set up postgres

root@vps17825:~# sudo dokku plugin:set up postgres
-----> Cloning plugin repo to /var/lib/dokku/plugins/accessible/postgres
Cloning into 'postgres'...
distant: Enumerating objects: 2356, carried out.
distant: Counting objects: 100% (417/417), carried out.
distant: Compressing objects: 100% (276/276), carried out.
distant: Whole 2356 (delta 244), reused 267 (delta 118), pack-reused 1939
Receiving objects: 100% (2356/2356), 483.24 KiB | 3.48 MiB/s, carried out.
Resolving deltas: 100% (1580/1580), carried out.
-----> Plugin postgres enabled
Including consumer dokku to group adm
Beginning nginx (by way of systemctl): nginx.service.
14.1: Pulling from library/postgres
5eb5b503b376: Pull full 
daa0467a6c48: Pull full 
7cf625de49ef: Pull full 
bb8afcc973b2: Pull full 
c74bf40d29ee: Pull full 
2ceaf201bb22: Pull full 
1255f255c0eb: Pull full 
d27501cd0cca: Pull full 
ff5b6d09a5d0: Pull full 
f635aec27645: Pull full 
a165c6729250: Pull full 
b0aa4f86b611: Pull full 
9efc4664d9d2: Pull full 
Digest: sha256:3162a6ead070474b27289f09eac4c865e75f93847a2d7098f718ee5a721637c4
Standing: Downloaded newer picture for postgres:14.1
1.31.1-uclibc: Pulling from library/busybox
76df9210b28c: Pull full 
Digest: sha256:cd421f41ebaab52ae1ac91a8391ddbd094595264c6e689954b79b3d24ea52f88
Standing: Downloaded newer picture for busybox:1.31.1-uclibc
0.3.3: Pulling from dokku/ambassador
aad63a933944: Pull full 
2888dfab2eb5: Pull full 
51ccf60e0642: Pull full 
Digest: sha256:87c0214e190e7f6975953027157a8933701596b4b864ff66dd3cc3f6ead5c38d
Standing: Downloaded newer picture for dokku/ambassador:0.3.3
0.10.3: Pulling from dokku/s3backup
aad63a933944: Already exists 
6654c5b7b2dc: Pull full 
26abcd9faf98: Pull full 
d1a36cd3ba61: Pull full 
9517d44e685b: Pull full 
32e8b2c4797f: Pull full 
Digest: sha256:3651f8ef12000206df55fec8ad4860d6f26b2b5af1308c0e2358253641626024
Standing: Downloaded newer picture for dokku/s3backup:0.10.3
0.4.3: Pulling from dokku/wait
aad63a933944: Already exists 
3409ea528c35: Pull full 
88e35d065209: Pull full 
Digest: sha256:5eb9da766abdd5e8cedbde9870acd4b54c1c7e63e72c99e338b009d06f808f04
Standing: Downloaded newer picture for dokku/wait:0.4.3
-----> Priming bash-completion cache
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Create database service

I’m utilizing my customized construct with UUID extension enabled

dokku postgres:create global-postgres –image “endykaufman/postgres-default” –image-version newest –root-password=ROOT_PASSWORD –password=ADMIN_PASSWORD

root@vps17825:~# dokku postgres:create global-postgres --image "endykaufman/postgres-default" --root-password=ROOT_PASSWORD --password=ADMIN_PASSWORD
/var/lib/dokku/plugins/enabled/postgres/subcommands/create: unlawful possibility -- -
/var/lib/dokku/plugins/enabled/postgres/subcommands/create: unlawful possibility -- -
Error response from daemon: manifest for endykaufman/postgres-default:14.1 not discovered: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
 !     Postgres picture endykaufman/postgres-default:14.1 pull failed
root@vps17825:~# dokku postgres:create global-postgres --image "endykaufman/postgres-default" --image-version newest --root-password=ROOT_PASSWORD --password=ADMIN_PASSWORD
/var/lib/dokku/plugins/enabled/postgres/subcommands/create: unlawful possibility -- -
/var/lib/dokku/plugins/enabled/postgres/subcommands/create: unlawful possibility -- -
newest: Pulling from endykaufman/postgres-default
b4d181a07f80: Pull full 
46ca1d02c28c: Pull full 
a756866b5565: Pull full 
36c49e539e90: Pull full 
664019fbcaff: Pull full 
727aeee9c480: Pull full 
796589e6b223: Pull full 
6664992e747d: Pull full 
0f933aa7ccec: Pull full 
99b5e5d88b32: Pull full 
a901b82e6004: Pull full 
625fd35fd0f3: Pull full 
9e37bf358a5d: Pull full 
8c5f37d7fa57: Pull full 
Digest: sha256:a3d342741451f717b79b2404e88363ea902a769d45a0bd7dbbbeeb73bb443f93
Standing: Downloaded newer picture for endykaufman/postgres-default:newest
 !     Specified password might not be as safe because the auto-generated password
       Ready for container to be prepared
       Creating container database
       Securing connection to database
=====> Postgres container created: global-postgres
=====> global-postgres postgres service data
       Config dir:          /var/lib/dokku/companies/postgres/global-postgres/knowledge
       Config choices:                               
       Information dir:            /var/lib/dokku/companies/postgres/global-postgres/knowledge
       Dsn:                 postgres://postgres:assword=ADMIN_PASSWORD@dokku-postgres-global-postgres:5432/global_postgres
       Uncovered ports:       -                        
       Id:                  50dbeaef39b80ca97823ad35ac771b241c2214eb3bd5cd81564f9dee546ae783
       Inner ip:               
       Hyperlinks:               -                        
       Service root:        /var/lib/dokku/companies/postgres/global-postgres
       Standing:              operating                  
       Model:             endykaufman/postgres-default:newest
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Record all postgres companies

dokku postgres:record

List all postgres services

Test database

Connect with database

dokku postgres:join global-postgres
Connect to database

Choose database title

SELECT current_database();

root@vps17825:~# dokku postgres:join global-postgres
psql (13.3 (Debian 13.3-1.pgdg100+1))
SSL connection (protocol: TLSv1.3, cipher: TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, bits: 256, compression: off)
Sort "assist" for assist.

global_postgres=# SELECT current_database();
(1 row)

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Check database

Within the subsequent publish, we are going to create a database for the appliance and the primary migration by way of flyway

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