AngularJS is dead.

Yes, you read it right. AngularJS is dead now. The first version of Angular, is not being supported by Angular any more. Angular Developer, published an article over “The Angular Blog”, that they are discontinuing the Long Term Support for AngularJS (check here).

Angular Team recommend developers and businesses, who are using AngularJS to switch to the successor of Angular JS, which is Angular. Currently, they released Angular v13, but if you are using any angular version, other than the first one, which is actually Angular JS, then you are safe to work with it. But, if your project is still in AngularJS, then this article will help you to migrate it to Angular.

Here’s what you can expect as a part of this new long term state:

  • CDN links will remain active and will remain online

  • We’ll provide read-only access to the code, issue, and pull request history on GitHub by archiving the angular.js repo and related repositories (that is, AngularJS Material, bower-material, etc.)

  • The AngularJS npm packages will remain on npm and bower, marked as deprecated

AngularJS set a solid foundation for Angular and helped define the future of the web, because many of us, who are web developers, learnt Angular as it’s first Javascript framework.

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