Authentication Using Firebase in React App. 🤺🔥

On this article we’ll know how you can authenticate customers, in your internet app. For this text I am utilizing google authentication.
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Create a Firebase Mission

It is easy, simply login together with your google account in firebase, create a brand new challenge.

In that challenge go to Authentication’s tab.
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Click on on Signal-in technique
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Go to Add New Supplier, choose Google.
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Now, you want to create an internet app in your challenge
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Image description
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Copy the configuration file.
Now, open your fav IDE and create a React Mission.
In src folder create a file title fb.config.js / .ts
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additionally, remember to put in firebase.

npm i firebase
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we’re utilizing context to make use of state of person authentication in our app. create a authContext.tsx file.

import { createContext, ReactComponentElement, ReactElement, useContext, useEffect, useState } from 'react'
import { Consumer, GoogleAuthProvider, signInWithPopup, signOut, onAuthStateChanged } from "firebase/auth"
import { auth, app } from "./fb.config"

interface worth  null,
    logInUser: () => void,
    logOutUser: () => void,

const AuthCont = createContext<Consumer | null>(null)

export const useAuthContext = () => {
    return useContext(AuthCont)

export default operate authContext({ youngsters }: { youngsters: ReactElement }) {
    const [user, setUser] = useState<null | Consumer>(null)
    useEffect(() => {
        onAuthStateChanged(auth, (person) => {
    }, [])

    const logInUser = () => {
        const supplier = new GoogleAuthProvider()
        signInWithPopup(auth, supplier)
            .then((res) => {
            .catch((err) => {
    const logOutUser = () => {

    const worth = {
    return (
        <AuthCont.Supplier worth={person}>
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Now we simply have to put this on high of our app.tsx, then we are able to use it in any baby part.
Go to predominant.tsx file and put this code.

import React from 'react'
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom/consumer'
import App from './App'
import './index.css'
import AuthProvider from "./authContext"

      <App />
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