Avoid AutoRaise to activate the window while pressing down the Command Key


  • I exploit Bartender and AutoRaise (installed via HomeBrew), and the window often will get activated by AutoRaise once I need to choose the icon in Bartender’s hidden menu bar.

  • I made a decision to amend AutoRaise to make it keep away from activating the window whereas I’m urgent the command key.

With above modification, I can choose the icon in Bartender’s hidden menu bar as follows:

  • Transfer the mouse to the menu bar.
  • Present Bartender’s hidden menu bar after which press the command key.
  • Preserve urgent down the command key till the mouse cursor reaches to the icon.
  • Launch the command key.
  • Click on the icon (The icon does transfer to the menu bar and reveals the sub menus if you happen to saved urgent down the command key).

How To Set up

# Create the supply listing
mkdir -p /Customers/myUser/src/brisbanewebdeveloper/AutoRaise
cd /Customers/myUser/src/brisbanewebdeveloper/AutoRaise

# Obtain the customized model
git clone git@github.com:brisbanewebdeveloper/AutoRaise.git .

# Construct the personalized program

# Overwrite the one put in by way of Brew
rm -rf /decide/homebrew/decide/autoraise/bin/AutoRaise
cp -r AutoRaise /decide/homebrew/decide/autoraise/bin/

# Restart with the customized program
brew companies restart autoraise
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