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Build Cooking Website Using Badaso

Badaso is one in all wonderfull Laravel bundle. It is include Laravel headless CMS, admin panel, dashboard, builder and API CRUD.
Badaso is open supply 100% free, preserve by Uasoft. In case you are curious, go on to the official Badaso page.

Set up

Badaso assist set up witout Docker or with Docker. On this time, We attempt set up Badaso witout Docker.
Set up Badaso is simple. Open terminal and run it curl -s "" | bash.
We alter …/your-project-name with …/cookings.

curl -s "" | bash

It’s going to set up the Laravel starter challenge and Badaso it self at a time. If course of set up are completed, the terminal look under.
install badaso
Okay, now we go to the challenge cd cookings and php artisan serve. If we not acquired the error, our browser look Badaso’s Welcome Web page.

Setup Dashboard

Since we’ve got put in Badaso at step 1, We’ve not configured the database but. That is confirmed once we enter the dashboard web page http://localhost:8000/badaso-dashboard, we acquired an error.
Now we setup a number of stuff. Earlier than it, be certain your composer.json have badaso/core.

"require": {
  "php": "^8.0.2",
  "badaso/core": "^2.4",

Open .env file, and fill it in accordance with your surroundings


Do not forget you to create a database first by way of mysql-client or phpmyadmin.

Run instructions under one after the other.

php artisan badaso:setup
php artisan migrate
php artisan storage:hyperlink
php artisan db:seed --class="DatabaseSeedersBadasoBadasoSeeder"
php artisan badaso:admin --create
npm set up && npm run dev

Final run the server

php artisan serve

Refresh web page at http://localhost:8000/badaso-dashboard and on the last we will see the badaso dashboard.
badaso dashboard

Till right here we’ve got truly efficiently put in badaso dashboard.
For the following chapter, we’ll proceed in one other submit.


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