Cache API in JavaScript – with just 20 lines of code.

let cache = {};
async operate getData(url){
    let end result = "";
    if(cache[url] !== undefined) return cache[url].worth;

    await fetch(url)
    .then(response => response.json())
    .then(json => cache[url] = {time: new Date(), worth: json});

    return cache[url].worth;

// Interval to clear cache;
setInterval(operate (){
    if(Object.keys(cache).size > 0){
        Object.keys(cache).forEach(key => {
            let currentTime = new Date();
            let seconds = currentTime - cache[key].time;

            if(seconds > 10000){
                delete cache[key];
                console.log(`${key}'s cache deleted`)
}, 3000);
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Now you may name your API’s like this.

.then(information => console.log(information));
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If there’s a cache worth of the present api name then it should return values from cache in any other case name the api and return information whereas including the response to cache.


I am assuming that is significantly better than RTK Question and React Question 😅.

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