CALL me, maybe – DEV Community

Once I was finding out laptop engineering at college I used to be an enormous meeting nerd, and fueled my love for low stage stuff. Years after, I have not actually used meeting, so I forgot nearly all about it and I made a decision to offer it a go so to recollect a little […]

6502 Programming – DEV Community

For my portability and optimization class, I’m having a look on the 6502 meeting code in preparation for contemporary meeting code. I’m utilizing a 6502 emulator positioned here that features a bitmap show and a textual content output so we will visually see the output for the meeting code together with a reminiscence monitor to […]

How are threads created in Linux x86_64

Introduction So I used to be attempting to make use of atomics in C. Obtained a bit of working instance. // multithrd.c #embody <stdio.h> #embody <threads.h> #embody <stdatomic.h> atomic_int acnt; int cnt; int f(void* thr_data) { for (int n = 0; n < 10000; ++n) { ++cnt; ++acnt; } return 0; } int primary() { […]

Writing a NES game day 12, The Aqualate!

Now that the principle character can shoot, it ought to shoot one thing, so I must create enemies.After I was beginning, my 7 yr previous daughter handed by my pc, requested me what I used to be doing and instructed me that she wished to create the testing monster. She referred to as this “The […]

Writing a NES game day 11, Fire!

Now that I’ve my first model of the character, and he can transfer, I must make him so one thing else. Bear in mind that you would be able to examine the standing of the code in my github repo. I created a easy sprite for bullet which is a 2 colours circle (redoing sprites […]

Writing a NES game day 10: Working with graphics

Working with graphics for the NES could be a little… I will not say tough, however it’s not a stroll within the park. As you’ve gotten your chr file with tiles it’s important to accomodate them within the display screen loading them into reminiscence and utilizing variables for the motion (after which once more, the […]

Assembly essentials – DEV Community

Salve salve gurizada; venho mostrar aqui para você que deseja começar a entender um pouco sobre o meeting (péssima escolha amigo) mas de qualquer forma vamos nessa Think about o Meeting como uma festa na qual você é o DJ e os bits são as batidas da música. Aqui, cada linha de código tem um […]

Solving RISC-V Kata locally, the not-so-easy way

Disclaimer: donaldsebleung is a neighborhood moderator on Codewars however not an official worker. Any views expressed on this article solely belong to donaldsebleung and shouldn’t be thought-about as official Codewars stance by any means. Have you ever heard? RISC-V meeting is now supported on Codewars! In case you have not heard of Codewars, it is […]

Algorithm Selection on x86_64 vs AArch64 Part II

That is half 2 of a collection on algorithm benchmarking and choice on x86_64 and AArch64 methods. You could find half 1 right here. Within the earlier publish we went by means of the algorithms we’re to benchmark and broke a few of their workings down, offering predictions alongside the way in which as to […]

🚩 Insomni’hack 2022 CTF write-up

The Insomni’hack 2022 CTF is a CTF hosted through the Insomni’hack convention in Geneva, Switzerland. You needed to register your self so to attend to the on-site CTF. There was a complete of 31 challenges. As a newbie in CTFs I made a decision to largely take the straightforward challenges. The CTF was from March […]