Taming the Cascade With BEM and Modern CSS Selectors | Style-Tricks

BEM. Like seemingly all strategies on the earth of front-end growth, writing CSS in a BEM format might be polarizing. However it’s – no less than in my Twitter bubble – one of many better-liked CSS methodologies. Personally, I believe BEM is sweet, and I believe you must use it. However I additionally get why […]

How to elegantly use BEM in vue3

Easy implementation of BEM in Vue 3.x, helps you utilize the BEM specification extra concisely in vue3. Set up npm i vue3-bem Utilizing vue3-bem can also be very straightforward to make use of. As proven beneath. // .vue import useBem from “vue3-bem”; const bem = useBem(“block”); Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode <div :class=”bem(‘elem’, ‘chosen’)”></div> […]