Six Factors That Raise The Risk Of Bugs In A Codebase

As a frontend developer, I’ve come throughout a number of key components that drastically influence the presence of bugs in a codebase. Whereas my insights are based mostly on JavaScript functions, these rules are related throughout completely different codebases. Let’s discover them collectively. 1. Lack of Static Code EvaluationStatic code evaluation instruments like TypeScript and […]

Error monitoring and bug triage: Whose job is it?

I first realized problem triage as a assist drone engaged on a product that had 300 municipal prospects. A number of instances a day, I might hop on a name with a CPO to (trouble him to) make selections on escalated buyer points and relay the handoff or suggestions to and from builders. Later these […]

Find The Bug in this Smart Contract [series] 2024

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity 0.8.18; /* * @writer not-so-secure-dev * @title PasswordStore * @discover This contract means that you can retailer a personal password that others will not be capable of see. * You may replace your password at any time. */ contract PasswordStore { error PasswordStore__NotOwner(); tackle non-public s_owner; //this isn’t actually non-public […]

Why are Software bugs named bugs?

The usage of the time period “bug” to explain issues with software program is now widespread and is utilized in each technical and non-technical contexts. What are the origins of the time period?, Does it consult with an actual insect?, Let’s test some historic information. The time period “bug” in software program is derived from […] says 1

Is that this some chrome plugin i’ve, doing that or is that bug occurring to anyone else?

Integrate Sentry with Flutter

Take a look at my newest video on YouTube. Combine Sentry with Flutter for crash and bugs studies. Video: Like & subscribe and share is appreciated. for extra please comply with me on YouTube: