The Singularity: Exploring the Future of AI and the Impact on Humanity

Singularity is a theoretical idea that has fascinated scientists and thinkers for years. It refers to a hypothetical time limit when synthetic intelligence (AI) surpasses human intelligence, resulting in a speedy acceleration in technological progress and the creation of latest, super-intelligent entities. Singularity is just not a brand new idea, nevertheless it has gained traction […]

Count and discount raws from the likes table

Hello guys. This is how we solved rely or low cost downside of raws from the likes desk with a singular post_id that matches a singular profile_id column. This perform is designed to be referred to as as a set off perform, and it takes no parameters. As a substitute, it makes use of the […]

Bito AI directly in Visual Studio Code

With the rise of GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT the highlight has clearly moved (I imply, it was already there however now with greater depth) in direction of AI and the way it could make our job higher. Whereas on the lookout for a free method to combine AI into my workflow I got here throughout […]