[Alien Hunter Series Pt. 1] Mastering the COBOL Programming Language

The 12 months is 2077. The delicate hum of futuristic equipment is drowned out by the sudden ominous silence that blankets the Earth. With out warning, extraterrestrial invaders have descended upon our planet, seizing management of each system, server, and gadget, weaving a community of dominance that has reshaped the world into their imperial empire. […]

How Did You Get Started with COBOL?

What drew you to COBOL? Do you employ the language on an on a regular basis foundation? The aim of this dialogue thread is to encourage those that use COBOL to share their experiences.

Covid led me to my first open-source contribution.

Initially posted at here. It has been some time since I’ve shared something right here. Principally as a result of my pursuits and priorities have modified. However now I am again, and I hope to supply extra content material. Let’s return to 2020, once I stopped writing. The Covid period, child! There have been folks […]