Making PRs better – first public release!

Yesterday we launched the primary public model (v0.4.0) of our FREE Chrome Extension (see or! We have been testing it internally for every week & are excited!! We now have v0.5.0 on-deck to enhance code opinions much more! Test it out! (We’re nonetheless early, so there is perhaps some minor bugs) Listed here […]

What is the purpose of code review? Can LLMs help?

For years we have been informed code critiques are the perfect place to stop bugs. However code inspection does not scale. Given these conflicts – what’s the objective – lowering the bus issue, sharing information, adopting requirements, catching bugs, or ___? In the event that they’re true…can LLMs assist?

LGTM – why it’s scary

Why is LGTM scary? We do not know if the reviewer reviewed it, frolicked to grasp the code change, know what the code is meant to do, and so forth. As a senior eng, typically I needed to steer the evaluate to be thorough, however inspection does not scale…enter GPT.

Quicker PRs means you can do _____

Code critiques take up 20% of a great dev’s time. In the event you may accomplish the identical objectives, whereas drastically decreasing the time…what would you do?