Image Compression in JavaScript/TypeScript – DEV Community

Introduction The next strategy permits for elevated file compression, inherently reducing file measurement in addition to an added capacity to retailer pictures in Base64-encoded strings if desired. Behind-the-Scenes (Base64) To dive barely deeper into what’s concerned on this course of, we are able to have a look at what a Base64 string really is, and […]

Client-side image compression with Supabase Storage

One of many tasks I’ve been engaged on permits customers to add and share photographs. Tremendous novel, I do know. We’re utilizing Supabase for the backend, and the photographs are saved in Supabase Storage – an S3 appropriate object retailer. I’ve used Supabase just a few occasions now and located it total to be a […]

Search safe number compression algorithm(feat. Python)

There was some taking place. A selected worth interpreted in a sure information needed to be saved in elasticsearch and brought via a search, however the specific worth was a quantity with a size of greater than 300 characters.So, I attempted to implement the search via fuzzy or more_like_this, however the search was not good […]