What are🤯 Main Memory, Stack, RAM, ROM, secondary Memory SSD and else? complete answer

Electronics have two most important sorts of reminiscence Primary and secondary. The first use of Primary(Major) Reminiscenceis to retailer the info of job👨🏾‍🏭 that’s working at the moment, as Primary reminiscence could be very near CPU(Processor) 🖥, to CPU can speak to Primary reminiscence very simply, this may very well be something the tab us […]

1st Computing Experience – DEV Community

Eighties private computing explosion December 1981, I acquired a Commodore Vic20, my first laptop 🙂Spent hours typing in BASIC code line-by-line; and being utterly amazed that this system labored! Often a recreation. Upgraded to a cassette drive, wahoo! First recreation Jelly Monsters. That is very Pac-Man esk. (imho greatest recreation ever) What was your first […]