LeetCode Meditations: Reorder List – DEV Community

Let’s begin with the outline for Reorder List: You might be given the top of a singly linked-list. The checklist might be represented as: L0 → L1 → … → Ln – 1 → Ln Reorder the checklist to be on the next type: L0 → Ln → L1 → Ln – 1 → L2 […]

Tableau Dashboard – DEV Community

I’m excited to share my first Tableau dashboard as a part of my knowledge evaluation journey. For this mission, I used the Superstore gross sales dataset. With the assistance of Tableau, I used to be in a position to rework complicated gross sales figures into interactive visuals. This allowed me to uncover key insights on […]

Thread synchronization in python’s threading module

As we noticed 👁️👁️ in our earlier blogs, threading is prone to race situations. To deal with race situations, we could use locks and semaphores to handle synchronization and knowledge consistency whereas utilizing threads There are 3 main strategies for thread synchronization Lock 🔒 Rlock ®️🔒 Semaphore, BoundedSemaphore Lock A Lock is a fundamental synchronization […]

Solving the Valid Anagram Problem in Python 🐍

Within the realm of programming, notably within the area of string manipulation, challenges usually come up that require environment friendly options. One such downside is figuring out whether or not two strings are legitimate anagrams of one another. On this weblog put up, we’ll delve into this downside, perceive its significance, and supply a Python […]

Mastering Binary Search in Python 🚀

Introduction:Welcome again to a different thrilling weblog publish! At the moment, we’re diving into the fascinating world of algorithms, significantly specializing in a basic and environment friendly search algorithm generally known as Binary Search. We’ll focus on what binary search is, the way it works, and why it is so highly effective. Furthermore, we’ll stroll […]

📝 Exploring Palindromic Partitioning: Solving the “Palindrome Partitioning” Problem 📝

Welcome to a different journey by means of the realm of algorithms and problem-solving! Immediately, we’re delving into the intriguing “Palindrome Partitioning” drawback, a medium-level problem that assessments our capability to partition a string into substrings, every of which varieties a palindrome. Drawback Overview Given a string s, the duty is to partition it such […]

Software but Quantum – Part 1

Welcome to a brand new collection I will work on at any time when I’ve the time (how reassuring). We’re going to try how Quantum Computer systems work and the way algorithms and normal software program work. Let’s get to work! Quantum Mechanics are a little bit of a mysterious artwork, but it surely tells […]

Implementing Simple Paxos Consensus Algorithm With Rust

What Is Consensus? I might say that one of many core properties of a system is the settlement on which knowledgeare proper at a given second. At that second, one of many extra vital elements of a distributed system exhibits up:the consensus. The place each participant agrees on a single state, even when some actorfails. […]

Parsing a JSON String recursively in a BFS style.

This week I needed to face a quite peculiar problem, not due to the context it was embedded in, however as a result of the perception for fixing the issue ended up arising from recollections of school days in knowledge construction courses (which made me rethink some fallacies). 😁 Context 📝 This is the deal: […]

My Mistake: Learning too fast

Disclaimer 1: Probably the most important affect I want for this text to have is on myself.Disclaimer 2: The aim of this text is to encourage a considerate slowdown for a useful cause. Backstory I at all times wished to be educated in many alternative areas and have the qualities of a jack of all […]