How to know which languages are spoken in a country as official or native.

Made by @Vic-rider countries-speaking-languages, question nation data to know if a language is talking on this nation as official language or a native language. Set up Set up utilizing npm set up countries-speaking-languages Utilization To incorporate International locations-speaking-languages, require or import it: in JavaScript CountriesSpeakingLanguage = require(‘countries-speaking-languages’); Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode in TypeScript […]

Country Phone Extension Search Javascript package.

Function to supply SVG Flags, Unicode flag (emojis), Nation code, Telephone extension Set up utilizing npm npm i country-code-flag-phone-extension-json Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode Strategies & Choices const nation = require(“country-code-flag-phone-extension-json”); // Get all nations. nation.all(); const choices = { filter: “”, // If move as string then full textual content search on db […]

How to get country by IP address gives good free service for this. Obtain country block for any nation you need and use it in your code. nation block is easy CIDR checklist, e.g. for Afghanistan it begins with: … Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

How to generate Random Flags of Countries ?

We’ll use a random flag generator to create some flags that you just would possibly discover someplace on the planet (extra particularly, international locations) however should not the flags of any actual nation. To make this random flag generator instrument It has 195 nation flags. To us all of it it’s important to do is […]