Setting up an Alias for a Directory in Apache2 Server

In most Apache installations, the default root listing is often positioned at /var/www/html on Linux methods. Which means the index.html file must be positioned within the /var/www/html listing for it to be served because the default file when accessing the net server. Whenever you develop one thing in your apache2 server that point this var/www/html […]

Recursive replace input value with process environment values in console

Typically it’s good to change a part of the worth of an setting variable to a different variable I made a utility for such a substitute Hyperlinks – npm bundle – supply code – e2e check Instance of utilization Create env fileinstance.env VAR1=var1${VAR2} VAR2=var2$var3 var3=VAR3$NO_REPLACE Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode Load […]