The “let it crash” error handling strategy of Erlang, by Joe Armstrong

This submit was motivated by this tweet: Purchase Luciano Ramalho’s Fluent Python: Clear, Concise, and Effective Programming 2nd Edition. Click on here to learn the next textual content by the late Joe Armstrong in its unique context. In 5 Mar 2003, Luke Gorrie wrote: … lower … Hope that clears issues up for another person […]

Transparent execution of Fortran code from the Erlang machine using ports

Desk of Contents Transparent execution of Fortran code from the Erlang machine using ports The plan The Fortran program The Erlang program Conclusion Joe Armstrong, creator of the Erlang programming language, stated a few occasions that, although the Erlang system is the proper software for writing applications designed for concurrent execution, it’s not one of […]

A Small Introduction to Functional Programming

Useful Programming is an outdated paradigm that’s gained recognition in recent times attributable to its code conciseness, modularity, and lack of unwanted side effects. Primarily based on Lambda Calculus, developed by Alonzo Church within the Thirties, purposeful programming has been carried out in mainstream programming languages like JavaScript, Python and Java. Programming languages like Erlang, […]

The solution of Elixir continuous runtime system code coverage collection

zh_hans Code protection is an efficient means to help software program engineers in verifying code high quality. The runtime atmosphere’s potential to gather code protection absolutely combines black and white field testing capabilities and significantly will increase engineers’ confidence in software program high quality. This text introduces an answer for code protection assortment within the […]

Consumindo GraphQL com Elixir? – DEV Community

Hoje em dia é muito comum ver um serviço backend em Elixir servindo uma API com endpoint GraphQL usando uma biblioteca chamada Absinthe. Mas você já se perguntou como funcionaria isso se a nossa necessidade fosse consumir um Endpoint GraphQL já existente em outro serviço externo? Digamos que você exact ingerir e processar dados para […]

Monitor your Elixir application with OpenTelemetry and SigNoz 🚀

This tutorial was initially posted on SigNoz Blog and is written by Ricardo Paiva OpenTelemetry can be utilized to instrument your Elixir purposes to generate telemetry knowledge. The telemetry knowledge can then be visualized utilizing an observability device to watch your Elixir utility efficiency. On this tutorial, we are going to use OpenTelemetry Elixir libraries […]

CSP vs Actor model for concurrency

On this article, we’ll focus on how CSP and actor concurrency fashions work. Speaking Sequential Processes (CSP) Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a mannequin put forth by Tony Hoare in 1978 which describes interactions between concurrent processes.It made a breakthrough in Laptop Science, particularly within the subject of concurrency. In CSP we use “channels” for […]

Testes unitários com ExUnit – DEV Community

Hoje participei de uma discuss muito bacana no #elxpro falando sobre testes unitários utilizando o ExUnit. Slides:ódigo: Dialogue (0)