10 Total.js features to use in your next Express.js application.

Categorical.js is nice. It has strong routing and powerful middleware system that makes it straightforward to construct server aspect functions on prime of node.js. Nonetheless server aspect utility improvement typically requires many different issues like producing distinctive IDs and communication with databases, requesting exterior functions, dealing with uploaded recordsdata, logging, OS stage system calls, consuming […]

Deploying your React.js & Express.js server to Render.com

As everybody has recognized for fairly a while, Heroku is planning to take away their free dynos and different free choices, which now means you’ll have to pay for it. Given 5$ a month is just not too unhealthy however I lately discovered one other Cloud Utility, known as Render.com. One factor to notice earlier […]

How to Send Mail using nodemailer in node js ?

Folder Construction : App.js Code: const categorical = require(‘categorical’); const ejs = require(‘ejs’); const transporter = require(“./config/emailConfig.js”); const app = categorical(); const PORT = 8000; // Set Template Engine app.set(‘view engine’, ‘ejs’) app.use(categorical.urlencoded({prolonged: false})) app.get(“/”, (req, res) => { return res.render(“index”); }); app.submit(“/”, async (req, res) => { const { e mail } = req.physique; […]

Handlebars for Beginners – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

What’s Handlebars? Handlebars is among the most used templating engines for internet functions “competing” with different well-known ones like Mustache js, Pug, EJS and others. It is particularly used on the server facet together with the specific js framework. Official Documentation:- Handlebars Folder Construction Picture:- Bundle.json Construction:- App.js Code:- const specific = require(“specific”); const handlebars […]

Ejs Template Engine – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Template Engine:- A template engine lets you use static template recordsdata in your utility. At runtime, the template engine replaces variables in a template file with precise values, and transforms the template into an HTML file despatched to the consumer. This method makes it simpler to design an HTML web page. There are various template […]

Creating a Login and Registration Form with Node.js, Express.js and MySQL database

Right this moment we’ll discover ways to create a login and registration kind with node.js, categorical.js and mysql. Our objective Coming into the information entered by the person within the registration kind into the MySQL database, after checking whether or not such info has been entered into the database. Within the login kind, checking whether […]

Serverless Express — Easy APIs On AWS Lambda & AWS HTTP API

Initially posted at Serverless on Could twenty sixth, 2020 TLDR *— Take current Specific.js apps and host them simply onto low-cost, auto-scaling, serverless infrastructure on *AWS Lambda and AWS HTTP API with **Serverless Express. It’s packed a great deal of production-ready options, like customized domains, SSL certificates, canary deployments, and prices ~$0.000003 per request. Should […]

How to set cookie using ExpressJS response.

What’s cookie? Cookies is straightforward key worth pair saved by net server on purchasers browser to retailer/preserve consumer’s state. How it’s totally different from Localstorage? Locastorage may also be used to retailer consumer’s state, however cookies has extra superior configurations like — expiration time, identical website, safe flag, Httponly, and many others. By utilizing these […]

A NodeJS application calling a 3rd-party API

This text goals to sum up my studying from creating and deploying my first NodeJS software. The concept is that I have to entry anyone else’s server to obtain data. The communication with the server is barely attainable by a safety token which I do not need to disclose to the customer of my front-end. […]