We Might Be Different Kind of Developers

Some time in the past I tweeted this: I used to be questioning the place my FOMO (Concern Of Lacking Out) comes from. There have been articles about React is that this and that! Some time after we hear about how’s React Labs goes to vary every little thing in React 19. Then I see […]

The Effect Of Communities On Us

On this article, I will discuss communities, their good, unhealthy, and ugly. Taking a look at how communities affect us, and if that impact is certainly good or not. Disclaimer: I am not making an attempt to connect any specific group, merely making an attempt to open some eyes to how communities affect us, and […]

Digital Withdrawal – DEV Community

“Any sufficiently superior expertise is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke Expertise has introduced quite a lot of good issues to our world. It permits us to unravel our issues and talk with one another extra successfully. By the best way, expertise additionally created some issues, that we solely study to determine and overcome. […]