Why I love Monaspace font for coding

As a developer, I spend a variety of time writing and studying code. And some of the vital points of coding is the selection of font. font could make an enormous distinction within the readability, aesthetics, and productiveness of coding. That is why I’m an enormous fan of Monaspace, an progressive superfamily of fonts for […]

Introducing Operator-Caska: The Perfect Blend of CaskaydiaCove and Operator Mono

Fonts play an important function within the coding and improvement course of, making the textual content extra readable and aesthetically pleasing. In the present day, I’m excited to introduce Operator-Caska, a singular cursive font which mixes the class of CaskaydiaCove Nerd Font with the sophistication of Operator Mono. Operator-Caska provides ligature and cursive assist, making […]

How to use @next/font globally

The @next/font package deal can obtain Google Fonts at construct time and self-host them as a static asset. That is helpful as a result of no requests are made to Google by the shopper to request fonts used on the web page. Nevertheless, it wasn’t apparent to me the right way to apply the font […]

Creating your own handwriting into a usable font.

Have you ever ever considered making your handwriting as a font? Whereas there are skilled wanting fonts in each attainable kind. I all the time questioned find out how to make one and I stumbled upon a tremendous on-line software referred to as calligraphr. Typography performs a vital position in communication design and may drastically […]

GNU/Linux üzerinde Microsoft fontlarının kullanımı

Özellikle arayüz sistemlerinde GNU/Linux dağıtımlarındaki en önemli sorun muhtemelen ofis belgelerinde kayma ve taşma sorunları olarak görülebilir. Bunun bir nedeni Microsoft Workplace ve diğer Ofis uygulamaları olduğu kadar, sistemde yer almayan fontlardan dolayı font değişimi sonrasındaki kaymalar olarak düşünebiliriz. Oysa ki Microsoft’un çoğu fontunun kullanımı için bir drawback bulunmamaktadır. Fakat tabi ki fontlar tamamen özgür […]

How to Convert REM to PX?

There are a lot of Font Dimension items to configure sizes of the fonts in CSS similar to: em Relative to the font-size of the factor (2em means 2 instances the scale of the present font) ex Relative to the x-height of the present font (hardly ever used) ch Relative to the width of the […]