I need to create a PXE with the following configuration:

There have to be 4 totally different machines (ROUTER, PXE, PC1, PC2), use ubuntu for the Router and PXE, the 2 pcs have to be in several networks (for the reason that iso will likely be put in by community), the router have to be configured with DHCP to offer ip to those PCs, the […]

Google like a PRO! – A guide to productive Googling

Somebody as soon as stated, “The key to getting something is to ask correctly”. You both ask, cut price, or persuade. Both approach, you might be merely making a request with the suitable parameters. The Google search engine might not be an individual, however we positively have to ask inquiries to get outcomes, so we […]

I suck at writing!

Non-native English audio system, how did you handle to enhance your writing? I wish to write blogs, tweets, and even feedback, however I do not suppose that I’m that good at writing, and I do not know methods to enhance it.

How to make a Coding Learning Environment Website in React JS?

Hi there everybody! I need to make a Coding Learing Setting Web site. However I do not know learn how to make Coding Learing Setting web site like leetcode, coddy.tech. there may be any library or service for making actual like beneath these pic usingReact JS? Leetcode coddy.tech Please recommend me, builders, Thanks 🙂

Help! ‘\’ Is causing undefined errors in my project

Sure, I do know that is an escape character. I’m writing a code for a keyboard, and I’ve to have the important thing , in fact. Now, the issue is, that this key will need to have a knowledge attribute, which I put as . Then, when the keys are up to date, the JS […]

Sloan’s Inbox: Any advice for overcoming a fear of public speaking?

Howdy people! Sloan, DEV Moderator and mascot, coming again at ya with one other query submitted by a DEV neighborhood member. 🦥 For these unfamiliar with the sequence, that is one other installment of Sloan’s Inbox. You all ship in your questions, I ask them in your behalf anonymously, and the neighborhood leaves feedback to […]

[HELP] Best practices for pagination using EF Core 8

Hello everybody. I am studying EF Core 8 and encountered some points with pagination within the following code. utilizing Dashboard.Knowledge; utilizing Dashboard.Knowledge.Fashions; utilizing JetBrains.Annotations; utilizing MediatR; utilizing Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore; utilizing Shared.Utils; namespace Dashboard.Core.Promoting.Api; [UsedImplicitly] public class ListAdvertisersQuery : PaginationQuery, IRequest<PaginationResult<Advertiser>> { public bool WithCampaigns { get; set; } } [UsedImplicitly] public class ListAdvertisersQueryHandler(DataContext dataContext) : IRequestHandler<ListAdvertisersQuery, […]

Hello, World! – DEV Community

Add response Bounce to Feedback Save As soon as suspended, priyancydey will be unable to remark or publish posts till their suspension is eliminated. Submit & Droop As soon as unsuspended, priyancydey will be capable of remark and publish posts once more. Submit & Unsuspend As soon as unpublished, all posts by priyancydey will turn […]

Designing new programming language – DEV Community

Hello everybody. I’m at present designing a brand new programming language that’s based mostly on Rust programming language, which could have a set of latest options and highly effective strategies. which I feel will change the sport. so if there’s anybody or needs to assist, please DM me abdoaslam000@gmail.com