The Unseen Forces Shaping Your Work-Life Balance

In right now’s fast-paced world, attaining a harmonious work-life steadiness has develop into an elusive aim for a lot of. Whereas the seen calls for of labor and private life are well-known, there exists a realm of hidden pressures that considerably impression this delicate equilibrium. These invisible pressures, usually underestimated, can take a toll on […]

Mantendo a sanidade no mundo de Tecnologia

Salve pessoal! Esse será o primeiro put up em que irei, brevemente, lançar um “podcast” sobre lá no YouTube! A ideia é prover um contexto por escrito para deixar registrado e disponível para aquele que, como eu, não são fãs de ficar assistindo vídeos ou podcasts direto 😎️. Antes de irmos para o put up […]

Most Software Developers Are Depressed

It’s not unusual to see individuals in tech speak in regards to the new stuffs that’s on the market, and the way superior a know-how is. However… are most engineers actually completely satisfied? I imply, the “actual happiness?” This isn’t one thing that’s talked about lots and I’d love to listen to it from you, […]