Develop Animated Splash Screens on Fire TV with Lottie

A easy and visually interesting on-boarding expertise can tremendously impression how customers understand the standard of your app. In my earlier article, we explored how one can create customized splash screens on Hearth TV apps to optimize the startup time and enhance consumer expertise. Constructing on that data we are going to take a step […]

Lottie under the hood – DEV Community

Earlier than you start studying this text, please take 15 seconds to go to the what is lottie? web page. It is a wonderful place to begin for exploring Lottie. Why do we have to perceive what’s below the hood? Lottie is all over the place. At the moment, there are quite a few articles […]

Adding Animated Illustrations to an Angular App with Lottie (ngx-lottie)

Observe: The ideas herein helped me higher (and absolutely) perceive Angular element re-usability via ideas like: knowledge binding, component-in-component placement, @Enter() decorators, and @Output() decorators. Hopefully it may well allow you to on this similar method too! Issues Since angular animations are meant for transitions / interactions, it is arduous to get precise stop-motion graphics […]