📊 Logistic Regression in a Nutshell

🧠 Introduction: Definition: Logistic Regression is a statistical technique used for binary and multiclass classification in machine studying.Goal: Predict the chance of an occasion belonging to a selected class. 📈 Key Elements: Sigmoid Perform (Logistic Perform):Function: Maps any real-valued quantity to the vary [0, 1].Choice Boundary:Definition: Threshold figuring out class project.Log Odds:Calculation: Transformation of chance […]

MLH Fellowship – My Experience

On this article, I share every part that you have to know in regards to the MLH Fellowship program – what’s it, the interview course of, and my expertise being a fellow (of the prep program). What’s MLH Fellowship? 🤔 The MLH Fellowship is a 12-week internship various for aspiring technologists. The totally different applications […]

Tips on applying to the MLH Fellowship in 2023 🎊

Desk of Contents Introduction What is the MLH Fellowship Application Tips and Tricks Conclusion Additional Resources Introduction 📖 Hey there, good to satisfy you 👋🏼! I am Gabby, a returning MLH Fellow within the Software program Engineering observe for Spring 2023, a Third-year pc science scholar at Western College, and a Software program Engineering and […]