Strategies for Successful Contributor Onboarding

Each week at 10:30a ET, I do X/Twitter areas about open supply. I’ve been lucky sufficient to study from some superb of us within the area, and two conversations actually had me interested by this matter. I chatted with Rachel Nabors of Clerk and Ben Holmes of Astro about open supply tasks and the contributor’s […]

Introducing the Employee Onboarding Portal

Uncover how the Worker Onboarding Portal revolutionizes the mixing of recent staff. Serving as a centralized hub, this digital platform streamlines your complete onboarding journey – from customized pre-boarding to steady assist, fostering inclusivity and engagement. Discover its options, resembling interactive coaching supplies, seamless staff connections, and ongoing suggestions, all designed to create a constructive […]

Building a Beautiful Product Onboarding 👋 with Next.JS , Framer Motion, and Tailwind CSS

What you’ll discover on this article? Product onboarding is tremendous essential for the primary person expertise. Constructing a fascinating onboarding expertise generally is a key issue within the success of your product. As onboarding lead customers to worth. Ideally. So, it took me couple of days to determine, analysis and discovered what’s the good onboarding […]

Be aware of your codebase with Nx

Preface Is your staff conscious of the relations between your modules? Is a staff member capable of perceive what’s affected by the adjustments in a brand new characteristic shortly? In all probability your reply is: it relies upon. It relies on the staff member and on the time that this staff member is on the […]

SSH connection to Github – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

setting this up on ubuntu / linux assuming no present key’s current // generate ssh keypair $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C “ or username” Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode add personal key to ssh-agent // why?? $ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_ed25519 Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode copy public key and add to github account (settings>entry>ssh […]

Ferramentas e automações para facilitar a contribuição em seus projetos.

Utilizo algumas ferramentas para facilitar a colaboração e o onboarding de novos desenvolvedores nos meus projetos e quero compartilhá-las aqui. A idéia é apresentar os itens e a motivação de cada um deles. TL;DR: Em meus projetos tenho utilizado algumas ferramentas desde o momento zero para facilitar o onboarding de outras pessoas e evitar os […]