Optimum Sharding strategy in OpenSearch

This text explores just a few recommendations on optimum sharding technique in OpenSearch. Utilizing time-based indices wherever attainable. There are an a variety of benefits of utilizing time-based indices as talked about on this article. If not sure, start with 1 shard. With time-based indices, it affords the flexibleness of modifying the variety of shards […]

Spatial Search with Amazon OpenSearch Service and Visualized It in QGIS

I attempted a spatial search with Amazon OpenSearch Service and visualized it with QGIS 🎉 The next is an in depth clarification. Advance Preparation Create a website Hook up with OpenSearch Dashboards Register location knowledge Spatial Search Advance Preparation Put together GIS knowledge to be used with Amazon OpenSearch Service. This time, I ready a […]

Search text from PDF files stored in an S3 bucket

Does your software permit customers to add PDFs? Perhaps they add resumes, waivers, agreements or signed paperwork. What if they should search the contents of those PDFs? As a developer, you may have 3 choices: Search by Filename: Lookup by key/worth like filename [Native] Search by Metadata: Retailer the metadata in a separate database to […]