Say Goodbye to Messy Constants: A New Approach to Moving Constants Away from Your Model!

Overview: On this article, we’ll talk about the utilization of constants in a Rails software. We’ll take a deep dive into the prevailing approaches of defining constants in Rails, together with using configuration information, initializers, and mannequin information. We’ll additionally look at the professionals and cons of every strategy. We’ll then present a greater strategy […]

8 Design Principles that every Ruby Developer should know

On this article we’ll talk about 8 design rules that each Ruby developer ought to know. We’ll undergo every precept, giving a definition, a easy instance, and the advantages they provide us. So, what are they? DRY KISS YAGNI SOLID Single-responsibility precept Open-closed precept Liskov substitution precept Interface segregation precept Dependency inversion precept Let’s undergo […]

Staircase Problem solution hacker rank

Staircase elementIt is a staircase of measurement n =4 …..#….##…###.#### Its base and peak are each equal to n . It’s drawn utilizing # symbols and areas. The final line just isn’t preceded by any areas.Write a program that prints a staircase of measurement n. Operate Description Full the staircase operate within the editor under.staircase […]