Package manager wars. The real picture

“pnpm has surpassed Yarn!” I’ve learn on Twitter the opposite day. “In what precisely?” – I believed to myself. The reply to this query turned out to be: “In npm downloads”. Nevertheless, this does not imply something in any respect! On this article, we’ll discover why it is a horrible method of evaluating completely different […]

How to upgrade `pnpm` – DEV Community

I’ve summarized the process for upgrading the model of pnpm, which is a bundle supervisor for Node. Whereas updating the model of pnpm shouldn’t be one thing you do ceaselessly, whenever you do have to replace it, chances are you’ll marvel, “What ought to I do?” and it could possibly take a number of minutes […]

📝 Migrating from npm to pnpm: A Journey of Decisions and Experiences 🚀

Are you able to embark on a journey from npm to pnpm? 🛤️ Should you’ve been considering this migration, it is important to grasp that the method may fluctuate relying on the complexity of your challenge. I learn many articles migration from npm to pnpm however it’s largely surface-level steering. Let’s dive into some necessary […]

Lockfile merge conflicts, how to handle it correctly?

Throughout a frontend growth undertaking, a brand new npm bundle was added, and conflicts had been encountered when merging the lockfile. Lockfile refers back to the lock file of bundle administration instruments, equivalent to package-lock.json, yarn.lock, pnpm-lock.yaml. Manually resolving conflicts will be extremely inefficient and error-prone. Listed below are a number of generally used options: […]

Não se preocupe mais com o package manager do seu projeto NodeJS

Eu que venho de outras tecnologias como Go, Clojure e Java, as vezes fico um pouco irritado com a quantidade de alternativas que são usadas de maneira tão ampla no universo NodeJS. Pra esse put up específico eu ilustro com gerenciadores de pacote… meu deus… é npm, é yarn, é pnpm. Parece que cada dia […]

Who is using pnpm? – DEV Community

You might have come throughout pnpm by means of discussions with fellow builders, studying weblog posts, watching movies, or attending developer conferences. You’ve in all probability heard its praises: it is quick, disk-space environment friendly, and nice for monorepos. Nevertheless, you may marvel: who is definitely utilizing pnpm? A rising recognition On the time of […]

🎓 Monorepo College Lecture 2: Build Me Up Buttercup

Picture by Floraf on Unsplash Hiya everybody and welcome to the second a part of Monorepo Faculty, if you have not already carried out so, ensure that to learn the primary a part of the collection firstly and are available again for this one after. On this half, we shall be initializing the venture, getting […]

Monorepos with pnpm – Part 1: A performant package manager

By the tip of 2020, npm released the v7 of their package manager. Essentially the most noticeable change was that it now provided help for workspaces. That meant you may lastly handle a monorepo with the Node built-in package deal supervisor—with out the necessity for further steps or instruments. At Hotjar, a platform that offers […]

Split a commit into 2 commits with `git rebase`

Overview Git is a robust model management system that enables builders to trace and handle modifications to their code. One of many key options of Git is the power to make use of interactive rebasing to change the historical past of a department. Interactive rebasing means that you can edit, reorder, and break up commits […]

How to migrate from yarn / npm to pnpm

Motivation pnpm is extra performant at fetching, resolving, and storing dependencies. My private expertise reveals that in some tasks pnpm might be approx. 10x time quicker at resolving dependencies and as much as 3x extra environment friendly at disk utilization.It’s also straightforward emigrate to from npm or yarn. And the CLI is similar to npm […]