10T polkadot substrate : Build a token contract

• introduce • Basics of the ERC-20 standard • Create the token supply • Upload and instantiate the contract • Transfer tokens • Add a transfer event • Emit the event • Add the approval logic • Add the transfer from logic • Substrate Tutorials , Substrate 教程 • Contact 联系方式 This tutorial illustrates how […]

10R polkadot substrate : Use maps for storing values

• introduce • Initialize a mapping • Identifying the contract caller • Using the contract caller • Add mapping to the smart contract • Insert, update, or remove values • Substrate Tutorials , Substrate 教程 • Contact 联系方式 In Develop a wise contract, you developed a wise contract for storing and retrieving a single numeric […]

101 Create your first Substrate blockchain

• What is Substrate? • Install Rust and the Rust toolchain • Prepare a Substrate node using the node template • Install the front-end template • Start the local Substrate node • Start the front-end template • Transfer funds from one account to another • Stop the local node Substrate is an open supply, modular, […]