How I made 140 trillion dollars

In accordance with fashionable funding mechanics, I’m price about 140 trillions {dollars}. Earlier than we ask ourselves how, let’s ask ourselves how a lot my 140 trillion {dollars} truly is, and what you are able to do with that sum of money. When you begin speaking about tons of of trillion {dollars}, it may be […]

PostgreSQL Isolation Levels and Locking Summary

I initially ready this abstract for my myself. Nevertheless, I assumed different individuals would discover it helpful, so I refined it as crucial and determined to share it. Please notice that this serves solely as a abstract or perhaps a cheat sheet. If you’re new to those subjects, it is advisable to do additional studying. […]

Normalization Technique – DEV Community

IntroductionNormalization is an important information preprocessing approach within the discipline of information science and machine studying. It entails remodeling numerical information into a normal scale, making it simpler for algorithms to converge throughout coaching and making certain that no specific function dominates because of its bigger magnitude. Here is an summary of normalization strategies generally […]

Scaling Real-Time Leaderboards with Dragonfly

Introduction In at the moment’s digital age, leaderboards have turn out to be an integral a part of many functions, offering a dynamic option to show consumer scores and rankings.To construct gamification options for any software (i.e., video games, academic platforms), leaderboards function a robust software to have interaction and inspire customers.On this weblog put […]

🐣Your First Database Schema Change in 5 Minutes with Bytebase

On this tutorial, you may use the pattern databases Bytebase supplies by default to get conversant in the product within the quickest approach. Step 1 – Run through Docker Set up and begin Docker. Open Terminal to run the command: docker run –init –name bytebase –publish 8080:8080 –volume ~/.bytebase/knowledge:/var/decide/bytebase bytebase/bytebase:2.13.1 Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen […]

Database relationships: many-to-one, one-to-one and many-to-many

Within the database world, naming could be a bit complicated. For instance many-to-one relationship and from reverse perspective one-to-many (usually related to ForeignKey in Django) miss a little bit of consistency which might trigger some confusion. I’ll provide right here a extra formal strategy to outline 3 major relationships between database entities that may function a easy checker […]

How To Build A CRUD App With NextJS And Prisma + PostgreSQL

At the moment I’ll make an instance of CRUD in NextJS + Prisma + PostgreSQL . Just lately, I additionally shared small issues about learn how to use PostgreSQL by working Docker and learn how to use Prisma to connect with PostgreSQL , everybody can evaluate it right here. Gitlab : how-to-build-a-crud-app-with-nextjs-and-prisma-postgresql Demo: The Article […]

Guide: Creating Temporary Tables in PostgreSQL

On this information, we are going to check out the method of making short-term tables in PostgreSQL. Understanding Momentary Tables Momentary tables in PostgreSQL are a particular kind of desk that exist solely throughout a database session. They’re very helpful when you should retailer and course of knowledge quickly with out the necessity for everlasting […]

How to Control Autovacuum Frequency in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL is a strong and dependable database system that gives many options and advantages. Nevertheless, it additionally has some challenges and disadvantages, such because the desk bloat downside. Desk bloat happens when the house occupied by a desk or an index is bigger than the precise information dimension. This could have an effect on […]

Guide: Creating Stored Procedures in PostgreSQL

One of many highly effective instruments at your disposal when utilizing PostgreSQL is the creation of saved procedures, it could assist streamline your interactions along with your PostgreSQL database. On this article, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of making saved procedures in PostgreSQL, protecting the whole lot from their advantages to step-by-step implementation. […]