What is React-Query and How to fetch data using react query?

Usually that is how we fetch knowledge from the backend. import axios from “axios”; import { useEffect, useState } from “react”; interface Customers { id: quantity; title: string; } const Customers = () => { const [users, setUsers] = useState<Customers[]>([]); const [error, setError] = useState(“”); useEffect(() => { axios .get(“https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/customers”) .then((res) => setUsers(res.knowledge)) .catch((err) => […]

React Query – Infinite Queries

Hey Of us, At this time it is time to be taught how one can construct an infinite question with React Question. To construct an infinite question it’s a must to use the useInfiniteQuery hook. This hook is much like the useQuery however with some extra properties to deal with the infinite loading in one […]

React Query – Paginated List

Hey People, At present it is time to study how one can paginate a listing with ReactQuery. It’s normal to create a pagination of a listing to enhance the person interface of your platform in case you are constructing a listing in your software, but additionally to limitate the work in your API. Utilizing ReactQuery, […]

Improve user experience with optimistic update

Hey Of us, Typically to enhance the consumer expertise you’ll be able to resolve to wager on the success of your code, so you’ll be able to assume that the code will go in the precise solution to make your software quicker within the eyes of your customers. This strategy is named Optimistic Replace and […]

React Query – Keys & Prefetching

Hey Of us, At present I need to share two necessary issues in case you are utilizing ReactQuery. The primary is how the keys are composed, and the second is find out how to prefetch information to cut back the person’s wasted time. So let’s begin 🚀 Keys As you may have already discovered on […]

React Query – Filter Your Data

Hey people, Do you know that you may filter your information in react question? Noooo! Okay, it is time to study it! To filter the info in your useQuery hook, you must deal with the choose possibility. This selection accepts a perform that’s used to filter the info. The perform has one parameter, and this […]

React Query Cheat Sheet – DEV Community

Fundamental Ideas Question A question represents a request for information. It features a key, which is a novel identifier for the information being fetched, and a question operate, which is liable for fetching the information. The question operate could be an asynchronous operate that returns the information or a promise that resolves to the information. […]

React Query – useIsFetching & useIsMutation

Hey of us, At present it’s time to discuss two hooks uncovered by react question: useIsFetching and useIsMutation. Every of those hooks may very well be used to grasp if there’s a fetching request or if there’s a mutation request ongoing within the utility. They’re helpful if we have to create a worldwide loader that […]

Uncovering Frontend Data Aggregation: Our Encounter with BFF, GraphQL, and Hydration

Our workforce at Chili Piper has just lately began migrating our backend to a microservices structure. As a front-end developer, I have been documenting my journey and insights whereas tackling the problem of dealing with aggregated information on this new state of affairs. NOTE: I’ve made slight modifications to the samples to forestall any potential […]

React query – The juicy parts

So I got here throughout react question after I was constructing my first startup and I checked it out. On the one of many pages it mentioned if you happen to dealt with caching, pagination and so on, then you definately’re good, so I used to be like “I’ve dealt with all these myself, I […]