Database 101: How to Model Leaderboards for 1M Player’s Game.

Ever questioned how a sport like League of Legends, Fortnite, and even Rockband fashions its leaderboards? On this article, we’ll learn how to correctly mannequin a schema to deal with them in a monstrously performative means! When you’re simply getting began with databases basically or databases, you may wish to begin off by studying my […]

Performance e elegância! Escrevendo uma CLI CRUD utilizando ScyllaDB e Ruby

Boas pessoas desenvolvedoras precisam saber fazer CRUD não é mesmo? Então já pensou em ser capaz de produzir um CRUD com um banco de dados NoSQL montado para alta escalabilidade e ainda mais utilizando uma linguagem elegante e simples? Não? Pois muito que bem, nesse artigo você vai aprender como construir uma CLI utilizando a […]

Database 101: How does migration between databases work in the real world?

Not too long ago my new job at ScyllaDB is to review methods to Migrate information between Databases and as I promised earlier than, I am going to maintain you of us about my newest research. In case you’re simply getting began with databases on the whole or databases, you may wish to begin off […]

Database 101: Twitch Bot in a higher level for beginners.

I kinda like the thought of writing about social media + databases and it appears the readers listed here are too. So, let’s discover it in a brand new course: Twitch.television or any kind of platform with on the spot messaging. For those who’re simply getting began with databases usually or databases + social media […]

Database 101: How social media “likes” are stored in a database

Did you ever take into consideration how Instagram, Twitter, Fb or any social media platforms observe who appreciated your posts? Let’s determine it out on this put up! For those who’re simply beginning working with databases, you may wish to begin off by studying my preliminary put up, Database 101: Information Consistency for Learners. That […]