Demystifying the Liskov Substitution Principle: A Guide for Developers

What Liskov Substitution Precept (LSP) is? The Liskov Substitution Precept (LSP) is likely one of the basic rules in object-oriented programming (OOP) design. It was launched by Barbara Liskov in 1987 and is a part of the SOLID rules. The Liskov Substitution Precept (LSP) states that any subclass of a superclass needs to be usable […]

SOLID Principal – DEV Community

_SOLID Design Principal SOLID is an acronym for 5 ideas of object-oriented programming and design that may assist builders create extra maintainable, versatile, and scalable software program methods. These ideas have been launched by Robert C. Martin, also referred to as “Uncle Bob,” and have turn into broadly accepted as finest practices for software program […]

Understanding Single responsibility principle by Javascript – [Sharing knowledge]

I imagine somebody like me who doesn’t know what are SOLID rules in design software program? So badly, I’m not studying at college or a level. However fortunately, I do self-learning info know-how on my own. Till now, I’m studying the SOLID precept to get cool abilities or superior information about designing the applying system […]

How using Tailwind enhances your coding skills

Lately, there was lots of debate amongst builders in social media in regards to the effectiveness of Tailwind in enhancing developer expertise (DX) when styling elements. Some argue that it’s simply inline styling utilizing courses, and that it may possibly muddle your HTML markup with lengthy class names. Okay, sufficient memes. Let’s get critical. Personally, […]

Liskov Substitution Principle isn’t Complex, Just Give it a Try

Introduction As everyone knows, software program necessities all the time change, and we as builders have to ensure that these adjustments do not break the prevailing code. For that reason, the SOLID ideas have been launched in Object-Oriented design to ease this course of. The SOLID ideas are a set of ideas set by Robert […]

8 Design Principles that every Ruby Developer should know

On this article we’ll talk about 8 design rules that each Ruby developer ought to know. We’ll undergo every precept, giving a definition, a easy instance, and the advantages they provide us. So, what are they? DRY KISS YAGNI SOLID Single-responsibility precept Open-closed precept Liskov substitution precept Interface segregation precept Dependency inversion precept Let’s undergo […]

Hexagonal Architecture and Clean Architecture (with examples)

Hexagonal Structure and Clear Structure One of many issues that modified my profession as a software program developer and altered my perspective on construct software program is the data of architect my purposes, and design my code in a extra skilled manner, permitting my purposes to scale. BTW, I am making a sequence of movies […]

How to Deploy SolidJS – DEV Community

Deploy SolidJS on Netlify On this information, we are going to present you how one can deploy a SolidJS software on Netlify. Whether or not you might be ranging from scratch or switching from one other platform, we’ve you coated when deploying Stable. There’s a nice step-by-step guide to deploying on Netlify for basic use, […]

Qual a diferença entre a inversão e a injeção de dependências?

É comum a confusão entre esses dois conceitos. E veremos neste artigo que há alguns bons motivos para isso 😀 O Princípio da Inversão de Dependências Considere o diagrama abaixo. Ele representa parte de um sistema de negativação de títulos. Quando um devedor deixa de pagar um título, a empresa pode enviar o mesmo para […]