13 Common Mistakes That Happen During Usability Testing

The intention of usability testing may be very easy, ask members to check the appliance, accumulate quantitative knowledge from the take a look at outcomes and work out how the appliance could be improved. Typically, testers or observers make sure errors that may result in a crucial defect from the place, recovering the appliance could […]

How do you evaluate the quality of your interface?

Right here, in Brazil, it is nonetheless frequent in small and medium-sized corporations, particularly these through which software program growth is just not the primary exercise, that software program initiatives are executed with out having a design challenge beforehand. On this manner, there may be nearly by no means an interface, navigation and person expertise […]

Extensões para Navegador – Turbinando sua experiência no GitHub

‎ Atualmente a maioria de nós gasta maior parte de nosso tempo em navegadores da Net em vez de aplicativos de desktop. Assim, para a experiência de navegação e otimizar a produtividade geral, as extensões vieram para nos ajudar cada vez mais. Elas são nada mais que pacotes de software program que introduzem funcionalidades adicionais […]