The Monad Invasion – Part 1: What’s a Monad?

Hey there, Throughout a presentation, two issues can probably make builders run away.The primary is a speaker delivering a dreadfully boring presentation; the second is the mere point out of the phrase “Monad”. Monads have a popularity for scaring folks off.Delving into Category Theory introduces an online of advanced terminologies, like “Monads”, making it extra […]

How To Send WhatsApp Messages with Laravel

In the event you’re not acquainted with the Messages API, you possibly can ship textual content, photos, and video to Fb Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and the extra primary SMS channel. Vonage has a sandbox testing surroundings so that you can play with these, so on this tutorial, we’re going to make use of that to […]

Phone Authentication with Appwrite and Vonage

Appwrite 1.0 was not too long ago introduced and one of many many new updates it has introduced is the addition of a new telephone authentication adapter, Vonage! On this tutorial we’ll discover ways to arrange a Vonage account, configure it to be used with Appwrite, and construct a SvelteKit app to place all of […]

Send SMS Messages with Node.js using the Vonage API

Ship SMS Messages with Node.js utilizing the Vonage API Clone the Source Code on Github Vonage is an American telecommunications firm headquartered in New Jersey. The corporate is a publicly held enterprise cloud based mostly communications supplier. Vonage affords SMS, MMS, Voice, and Video Streaming providers through their API gateway. Vonage’s SMS API allows you […]