A better way to work with URLs using vueUse useFetch() + useUrl()

Drawback when coping with URLs: take into account the next URL: “https://somedomain.com/api/v1/entity/:id/subentity?search=question&type=property&restrict=100&web page=1&filters=filter1,filter2,filter3#someHash” Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode there’s alot of elements this url consists of: Base URL: https://somedomain.com Path: /api/v1/entity/:id/subentity?search=question&type=property&restrict=100&web page=1&someFilters=filter1,filter2,filter3#someHash Path Variables: /:id/’ Question Parameters: search type restrict web page filters Hash suffix: #someHash working with REST APIs / Hyperlinks utilizing solely […]