Revisiting the HTML Problem Space and Introducing OOHTML

It is 2024! Is it maybe time to present consideration to HTML? It is a time when many individuals are fascinated with going again to the fundamentals! Even entire groups wish to make the massive return from rethinking greatest practices! (How we, actually, acquired fed such a line stays a thriller!) However maybe, nobody is […]

Re-Exploring Reactivity and Introducing the Observer API and Reflex Functions

Beforehand on The Internet-Native Observe: Rethinking the Trendy Internet & Introducing Internet-Native Improvement! Now let’s speak reactivity! In the previous couple of years, I’ve spent an insane period of time pondering by means of reactivity on the frontend! In all that we have achieved within the area, the State of Reactivity right this moment nonetheless […]

Rethinking the Modern Web – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Frontend has an engineering drawback! It’s one subject that has cast about essentially the most enviable tooling ecosystem by roughly each measure – from development charge to technical wizardry – and together with that an unimaginable quantity of thought management on its each transfer, and but at its backside line: the typical web site efficiency […]