Simple IT: Set Up and Ongoing Maintenance of Zero Assumptions

Zero Assumptions is straightforward to arrange and straightforward to keep up. A really small group or perhaps a single particular person is sufficient to get Zero Assumptions up and working. The profit with our answer is that the price could be very low – and we have thought of the in-house prices past the fee […]

Secure Data with On-Prem Storage of Engineer Activity

Zero Assumptions provides firms a safe technique to get and retailer their engineers’ actions on databases and servers. For firms, this implies peace of thoughts over all actions carried out on firm data as a result of there’s traceability. Every motion is attributed to a particular consumer system and site. As well as, we hyperlink […]

Zero Assumption’s Proxy Architecture – DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Zero Assumptions (ZA) is a straightforward to configure proxy that is minimal invasive to engineers, and maximally useful to enterprise. After on-prem set up, Zero Assumptions requires engineers to log in, and it displays their exercise inside a non-public community – all within the background whereas they work. For companies, there is no have to […]