DevOps on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

DAY 35- DevOps on Amazon Net Companies (AWS) – Day Thirty 5

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Record of AWS companies accessible to implement a profitable DevOps methodology.

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☁️ Cloud 9

Amazon’s cloud-based IDE, which you should utilize to put in writing, run, and debug your code with only a browser.

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Software program improvement kits used to intract with AWS, a standard solution to intract with AWS api’s.

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SDKs and instruments Link
Getting Began with SDKs YouTube Link

🚰 AWS CodePieline

It may possibly visualize your pipeline with actual time standing and retry failed actions. Additionally helps to consolidate supply, construct, and deploy tooling.

AWS CodePipeline is a totally managed steady supply service that helps you automate your launch pipelines for quick and dependable software and infrastructure updates.
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You’ll be able to monitor utilizing AWS CLI , Amazon EventBridge AWS code pipeline console, AWS CloudTrial

⛓️ AWS Codecommit

CodeCommit is your Code repo, a Git based mostly supply management service resolution. In Easy your model management in your venture recordsdata and supply code.
You too can use Amazon ECR, Amazon S3, Github as your supply to pipeline.

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📟 AWS CodeBuild

Automates the code compile , run assessments, construct artifacts. You’ll be able to specify instructions to run every part of construct.
Leverage out of the field preconfigured construct environments (comparable to .NET Core, Java, Ruby, Python, Go, NodeJS, Android and Docker).You’ll be able to monitor construct via cloud watch or different companies. integrating SNS can also be potential to get notification.

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🚀 AWS CodeDeploy

  • You deploy code to server, serverless or container companies. Code deploy can deploy your code to AWS Lambda, Amazon ECS, Amazon EC2, Fargate, AWS Elastic Beanstalk or on-premises.
  • You too can deploy servers concurently.
  • You too can management visitors out of your previous deployments to new deployments.
  • Automated rollback for unsuccessful deployment.

🔭 AWS X-Ray

A Distributed request tracing service from AWS to grasp errors , poor perfomance and pin level it.

Why use AWS x-ray?

  • AWS X-ray permits you to analyze and debug functions utilizing distributed tracing.
  • Hint the precise root reason for situation , errors, and bottlenecks.

AWS X-Ray does software monitoring/perfomance just like companies from DATADOG NewRelic SignalFX Lumigo

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👀 Amazon Cloud Watch

Establish the AWS companies used to automate the continual integration and steady
supply course of.

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DevOps and AWS Link

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