Finding Remote job/intern Front-End Developer

Hi! Assalamu Alaikum! I am Israt Zahan Sathi. I am a MERN Stack Web Developer and have great experience in Front-end development. I build user-friendly, responsive websites and maintain all the following parts like Security, Performance, User friendly, Proper maintainability code.

  • I am currently studying Computer Technology at Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I love learning anything computer related.

  • I can work with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Tailwind, JavaScript, ES6, React JS, React Router Dom, API, Material-UI, Node-JS, Express-JS, MongoDB, Firebase for Authentication etc.
    My tools include GitHub, VS Code, Chrome Dev tool, Microsoft Edge, Heroku, Netlify.

  • I have no experience working in any organization, but I have done a few projects for learning. But I have confidence that with the above technology I can do any project.

  • InshaAllah

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