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Hey Devs.

Should you’re in search of an environment friendly and fashionable approach to make use of Tailwind CSS, look no additional than daisyUI. daisyUI is a Tailwind CSS part library that lets you shortly create environment friendly and constant designs. It contains the whole lot you’ll want to get began with Tailwind, together with buttons, modals, themes, a coloration palette, and typography.

To get began with daisyUI, merely set up the plugin utilizing npm:
npm i daisyui
Or in case you are utilizing Yarn:
yarn add daisyui

Then add daisyUI to your tailwind.config.js information:
module.exports = {
plugins: [require("daisyui")],

Now to begin utilizing daisyUI in your challenge, open a part and begin utilizing the CSS Classes.

For instance:
<button class="btn btn-active btn-primary">Button</button>

Example Button


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