GuideChimp Ecosystem – Open-Source Plugins

GuideChimp Ecosystem – Open-Source Plugins – Video

GuideChimp performance might be prolonged utilizing out-of-the-box and third-party plugins.

Open-Supply GuideChimp Plugins:
🟤 Beacons – Add beacons/hotspots/hints to any aspect on an internet site.

🟤 Blurred Overlay – Add a blurred background impact to the tour overlay.

🟤 Lazy-loading – Watch for lazy-loaded or delayed parts on the web page.

🟤 VueJS Router – Use “vue-router” to show the tour on totally different Vue.js routes.

You possibly can create your plugins to increase GuideChimp performance. Use GuideChimp plugin boilerplate as a place to begin to your plugin improvement:

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