Having a great developer onboarding

Great onboarding for developers can have a big impact on a new member joining the team.

A well-documented, well-planned onboarding with various meetings and slow challenges or achievements is far better than just bringing someone in and figuring everything out on the fly. Such planning shows that your team cares about people and values their time.

What you need to have a great onboarding:

  • An intro with the team.
  • Intro to all communication channels.
  • Several 1:1 meetings (including functional and technical explanations, intro to other teams…)
  • How to set up a local dev environment.
  • Useful links to different environments, and other useful links.
  • Technical guidelines
  • Technical processes.
  • Previous video explanations if you have them (if not, record them this time)
  • Goals for your first 3-4 weeks.

If you don’t have a prepared document, it’s time to create one.

The next person who joins your team will thank you A LOT.

What else is part of your onboarding process?

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