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How To Deploy A python-flask app to Heroku. Avoid the [H10-Error] !

Deploying a flask app to Heroku can one way or the other turn into a hustle! Even when you will have accomplished every part the fitting method,the well-known H10 Heroku error can simply pop up out of nowhere!

Here’s a method that makes deployment much less of a hustle and extra of a win!

  1. – Navigate to your config file,, be sure that the DEBUG = True is in the identical line as class DevConfig(Config):
 class DevConfig(Config):

 DEBUG = True
  1. Create a Procfile, then add: < net: gunicorn handle:app> On this case, app is your utility identify and handle is the file you are utilizing to run the code

  2. Login to your Heroku account or create a brand new one:< heroku login >

  3. Subsequent create the app: heroku create <name-of-app>

  4. If in case you have API or secret key>> heroku config:set API_KEY= <your-api-key>

  5. Set up the next(in digital) in case you haven’t: (keep in mind to make use of pip set up):

  • Flask 1.1.4
  • Gunicorn
  • Argcomplete 2.0.0
  • MarkUpsafe 2.0.1
  • Django-cors-header 3.11.0
  1. Generate a necessities.txt utilizing: pip freeze > necessities.txt

  2. Create a runtime.txt within the venture root folder file and add then python model you’re utilizing: For instance: python-3.9.12

  3. On terminal, run heroku config:set DISABLE_COLLECTSTATIC=1

—>Lastly, 1.Git add . =>2. Git Commit -m ”deployment updates” => 3.Git push heroku important/grasp(relying in your department identify)

Bear in mind: A brand new bug after fixing the earlier one is progress… Completely satisfied Hacking!

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