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How to Use Supabase Apple OAuth in React Native

Supabase mixed with NextJS or Expo makes spinning up a aspect undertaking in just a few hours doable.

Supabase just lately added a tutorial for Expo and assist for Apple OAuth authentication. Nevertheless, Apple OAuth doesn’t work out of the field with Expo and Supabase. So I figured I might write this text and create a GitHub template.

GIF of Sign in with Apple in template

Supabase and Expo

I adopted Supabase’s Expo quickstart to get fundamental authentication working in Expo. The quickstart doesn’t talked about AsyncStorage which is required in lib/supabase.js to get it working.

My closing code:

import AsyncStorage from '@react-native-async-storage/async-storage';
import { createClient } from '@supabase/supabase-js';

import { supabaseUrl, supabaseAnonKey } from './supabase-keys';

export const supabase = createClient(supabaseUrl, supabaseAnonKey, {
  localStorage: AsyncStorage,
  detectSessionInUrl: false
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Supabase Apple OAuth with Expo

Subsequent I adopted Supabase’s tutorial for Apple authentication. I attempted to make use of Supabase’s register methodology onClick in my React Native auth part, which does not work:

const { person, session, error } = await supabase.auth.signIn({
  supplier: 'apple'
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The person/session/error all might be null. I used to be a bit nervous Apple OAuth on cellular would not be supported by Supabase’s Go True library, however I stumbled upon a PR which provides assist Fix: Add id_token grant flow

As an alternative of utilizing Apple because the supplier I made a decision to make use of Expo’s authentication library to get a token after which go that to Supabase:

import { startAsync, makeRedirectUri } from 'expo-auth-session';

import { supabase } from '../lib/supabase';
import { supabaseUrl } from '../lib/supabase-keys';

const signInWithApple = async () => {
    const returnUrl = makeRedirectUri({ useProxy: false });
    const supplier = 'apple';
    const authUrl = `${supabaseUrl}/auth/v1/authorize?supplier=${supplier}&redirect_to=${returnUrl}`;

    const response = await startAsync({ authUrl, returnUrl });

    if (!response || !response.params?.refresh_token) {

    await supabase.auth.signIn({
      refreshToken: response.params.refresh_token
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The complete code is available on GitHub. Apple OAuth with Supabase and assist for React Native is comparatively new. Suggestions is at all times welcome if there’s a greater means of doing issues.

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