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Implementing Blockchain for Shipment Management in SharePoint

Within the ever-evolving panorama of logistics administration, precision and transparency kind the bedrock of operational success. Not too long ago, I undertook a transformative initiative, implementing a cutting-edge blockchain-based resolution designed to observe and handle shipments and deliveries.

On the coronary heart of this groundbreaking strategy is the combination of Azure Logic Apps, serving because the spine for the intricate net of blockchain operations. This synergy between superior expertise and logistics is poised to reshape the best way we understand cargo monitoring.

Image this: each nuance of a cargo, from its inception to modifications and even deletions, is meticulously recorded and securely saved in SharePoint On-line. The utilization of blockchain expertise provides an additional layer of safety and traceability, guaranteeing a complete and unalterable file of every cargo and supply element.

On this exploration, we are going to navigate by way of the intricacies of the answer, shedding mild on the pivotal position performed by Azure Logic Apps. The instance, the answer, and the tangible outcomes await as we delve into the realm the place cutting-edge expertise meets the pragmatic calls for of cargo and supply monitoring.

This publish is the primary of two components. It covers the enterprise facet and the answer broadly. The second half, titled Technical Dive for Implementing Blockchain for Shipment Management in SharePoint, will get into the technical particulars, sharing supply code and configurations. Hope you take pleasure in each!

The Instance

Let’s dive into the sensible utility of the blockchain-based resolution by way of a compelling real-world instance involving a clothes firm. This specific enterprise focuses on offering NBA shirts to lovers across the globe, navigating the panorama of shipments, and deliveries.

The Problem

Within the realm of clothes distribution, managing the logistics of numerous merchandise calls for precision and transparency. Our clothes firm confronted the problem of effectively monitoring the journey of NBA shirts from cargo to the arms of keen clients. The shortage of a seamless monitoring system resulted in uncertainties and difficulties in sustaining a transparent file of the provision chain.

The Resolution in Motion

The carried out resolution orchestrates a synchronized ballet between two SharePoint On-line lists: one for recording cargo particulars and one other for capturing supply info. The staff chargeable for managing shipments enter key info like ID, date, and related particulars into the devoted SharePoint On-line listing. Concurrently, supply particulars, together with cargo ID, date, and extra info, are logged in a separate listing.

Blockchain Making certain Integrity

The linchpin of the answer lies in a 3rd SharePoint On-line listing performing as a blockchain ledger. Each occasion surrounding the cargo and supply lists—creation, modification, and deletion—is meticulously recorded on this blockchain-powered registry. This ensures the integrity and immutability of the knowledge saved in each merchandise from the cargo and supply lists.

Realizing Accountability

By using this progressive resolution, our attire firm established an accountability framework all through the provision chain. The blockchain based mostly occasion registration listing grew to become a testomony to the authenticity of every transaction, offering a dependable and tamper-proof audit path.

The Final result

The implementation of the blockchain-based resolution catalyzed a paradigm shift within the firm’s logistics administration. Stock monitoring grew to become extra environment friendly, and your entire provide chain skilled heightened transparency. The instance of the clothes firm demonstrates how the answer, leveraging SharePoint On-line and blockchain, could be a transformative pressure on the planet of shipments and deliveries.

The technical resolution

The technical resolution revolves across the integration of SharePoint On-line as the first knowledge supervisor. Using SharePoint lists, I retailer detailed details about shipments, deliveries, and the monitoring system. The user-friendly interface simplifies the configuration of lists and fields, enabling energy customers to effortlessly handle knowledge with mouse-driven actions. This selection is pushed by the simplicity of configuration and the intuitive UI, guaranteeing easy accessibility for workers to navigate and comprehend info.

Azure Logic Apps kind the spine of the blockchain performance, seamlessly managing the monitoring system. Triggered by occasions such because the creation, modification, or deletion of SharePoint On-line gadgets, Azure Logic Apps dynamically tracks each transaction. This ensures a clear and tamper-proof file of occasions related to every cargo and supply. To fill the hole of a lacking normal motion for creating hashes in Azure Logic Apps, I make use of an API based mostly on Azure Capabilities. A customized connector integrates this performance, permitting the creation of hashes to take care of knowledge integrity inside the blockchain.

Technical blueprint diagram of the solution

For an in-depth breakdown of every half and its real-world use, please seek advice from the associated article, Technical Dive for Implementing Blockchain for Shipment Management in SharePoint.

Key issues

Three essential components take heart stage within the resolution: blockchain, customized connector, and Azure Logic Apps. Let’s delve just a little deeper into every of those integral parts.


Blockchain stands because the bedrock expertise, chosen to fortify the safety, transparency, and traceability of the info. Its major position is to safeguard the integrity of each piece of data, guaranteeing that any modification, creation, or deletion within the knowledge is immutably recorded. This strategy instills a strong layer of safety, assuring that every step within the provide chain shouldn’t be solely meticulously documented but in addition shielded from unauthorized alterations. The fantastic thing about blockchain unfolds within the transparency it affords – each nuance of the method, from the preliminary steps to the ultimate ones, is effortlessly traceable. This not solely fosters accountability but in addition elevates the reliability and authenticity of your entire cargo and supply monitoring system.

Azure Logic Apps Customized Connector

The implementation of a customized connector emerges as a pivotal factor, addressing a crucial want unmet by default Azure Logic Apps capabilities. Recognizing the absence of built-in actions for creating hashes, I proactively built-in a bespoke resolution. On this state of affairs, my choice led me to develop an easy Azure Capabilities implementation, serving as a devoted API endpoint.

This customized connector not solely permits us to tailor the performance exactly to the necessities but in addition offers the benefit of sustaining management over its deployment and storage inside the surroundings. By choosing this strategy, I guarantee a seamless and safe integration, empowering the answer with a custom-made layer of hashing functionality, elementary to the integrity and authenticity of the blockchain-driven cargo and supply monitoring system.

Azure Logic Apps vs Energy Automate

The selection between Energy Automate and Azure Logic Apps does not actually matter a lot – they’re each instruments that work equally. In my state of affairs, I went with Azure Logic Apps as a result of I did not have a Energy Automate Premium license, which meant I could not use customized connectors. With out these, I could not arrange the hashing features wanted for the answer. Nonetheless, I discovered that protecting every thing in a single place, like inside an Azure Useful resource Group, made extra sense for the answer. It simplified issues by avoiding the necessity for various applied sciences, making it simpler to handle every thing in a single console on the finish of the day.


The mixing of a blockchain method within the resolution performs a pivotal position in fortifying the safety, transparency, and traceability of the occasion registry. This progressive strategy ensures that each occasion, be it the creation, modification, or deletion of cargo and supply particulars, is immutably recorded. Blockchain, identified for its tamper-resistant nature, provides an additional layer of reliability to your entire course of, making a safe surroundings for managing logistics operations.

Moreover, the seamless integration of this blockchain resolution into SharePoint On-line brings an unparalleled degree of accessibility and familiarity to customers. By leveraging SharePoint On-line as the inspiration, I not solely guarantee a user-friendly expertise but in addition faucet into the strong options which have made it a world chief in doc administration.


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