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Learning Finnish software engineering vocabulary

Earlier than I wrote this text, I used to be questioning if it might be OK to publish this to style-tricks.com. However since this isn’t a 100% off matter, I made a decision to publish.

Do you examine one other language in addition to English?
In my case, Sure.

I’ve been studying Finnish since 4 years in the past. In case you do not know what it’s, it’s an official language in Finland, and also known as one of the hardest languages for English speakers. You would possibly get a query like, “Hmm, did you reside in Finland earlier than?” or “Do you could have associates there?” The reply is not any. It’s a lengthy story why I began studying the language, so I do not write element right here. However in brief, I used to be an enormous fan of Heavy steel from the nation, and that is the start.

Anyway, as I used to be regularly capable of learn actual Finnish (i.e., not Straightforward-Finnish) articles, I started to wish to be taught software program associated vocabulary in Finnish. Nevertheless, as I anticipated, I used to be not capable of finding a superb record to start out. I discovered some lists however there have been for extra normal phrases. So, I googled or regarded up in a dictionary, and jot down one after the other. Right here is a part of my notes:

argument : argumentti
array : taulukko
backend : again finish
class : luokka
click on (verb): klikata
cache : välimuisti
code : koodi
colon (:) : kaksoispiste
constructor : konstruktori
compile (verb): kääntää
laptop : tietokone
cookie : eväste
knowledge : tieto
database : tietokanta
outline (verb): määritellä
deploy (verb): sijoittaa
developer : kehittäjä
area title : verkkotunnus
obtain (verb) : ladata
engineer : insinööri
file : tiedosto
folder : kansio
frontend : entrance finish
operate : funktio
integer : kokonaisluku
keyboard : näppäimistö
working system : käyttöjärjestelmä
namespace : nimiavaruus
object oriented programming : olio-ohjelmointi
parameter : parametri
efficiency : suorituskyky
polymorphism : polymorfismi
course of : prosessi
programming : ohjelmointi
responsive : responsiivinen
save (verb) : tallentaa
semicolon (;) : puolipiste
server : palvelin
session : istunto
software program : ohjelmisto
software program developer: ohjelmistokehittäjä
software program engineer : ohjelmistoinsinööri
supply code: lähdekoodi
terminal : terminaali
take a look at : testi
person interface : käyttöliittymä
worth : arvo
variable : muuttuja
webpage : verkkosivu
web site : verkkosivusto

I can’t affirm if these phrases are actually utilized in precise workplaces as a result of I’ve no Finnish associates. However I hope this record can save somebody’s time.

Earlier than I shut this publish, I wish to write little about my studying expertise of this language thus far. Its grammar is definitely laborious however hardest half for me is listening comprehension. In contrast to main languages similar to Spanish, there’s a very restricted variety of intermediate stage listening stuff with subtitles, so I misplaced the place to start out once I was leaving Straightforward-Finnish supplies. That is nonetheless a tricky challenge. Fortuitously, I discovered some Finnish youtuber movies with subtitles, so I proceed this journey.

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